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  • Single location: Solo

    Small Business Queue Management System Create Better Customer Journeys with Solo. The single location customer journey management platform. Designed for on premise deployment, our modular, stand-alone system organizes queues and provides valuable management information. Solo is a cost-effective, ...

  • Solutions

    All Qmatic solutions are purpose designed and engineered for tight integration and optimal performance. BUSINESS Increase customer and employee engagement with integrated solutions informed by business intelligence. TECHNOLOGY Integrated queuing technology and real-time analytics that keep ...

  • Technology

    Technology Solutions for Managing Wait Times Keeping your customer journey working like a well-oiled machine takes a set of technology solutions that can support, streamline, and scale your operations exactly as needed. Qmatic was founded by innovators who created a better way to manage a busy ...

  • Become a Qmatic Partner

    Queue Management Partnership Opportunities Qmatic Partners share our ambition and vision of better customer journeys. The Qmatic Partner Network includes more than 100 outstanding companies. Together, we support clients across a wide range of sizes, industries and time zones. Qmatic Partners ...

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